Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 Years and Counting

Three years ago, on this very day, Steve made me a happy woman. He agreed to spend eternity with me. I always said he was the "adventurous" type. In all honesty, without him I just wouldn't be the same. He makes me smile, and makes me laugh, and if there has been any improvement at all in anything about me over the past three years, I would say that it was because of his example that helped me along.

I knew early on that Steve was my soul mate. Things were just so natural with him. We were just in sync. I am happy to report, we still are. Marriage has never been hard. Having a baby was hard...But marriage never was. I can't imagine my life without Steve in it. He is perfect for me. I hope I can be as good a wife to him as he's been as a husband to me. Did I get that right? You know what I mean.

I love you Steve!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Goodbye to the Mazda

Dearest Mazda,
Thank you for your many years of good service. You were Steve's first car. You took him back and forth to college. You escorted us on our first date. You took our new little baby Kylie home from the hospital. You had a good run. We have many fond memories of our experiences with you.

Last night you let us down. Your transmission failed you. You almost didn't make it home from downtown. It's okay, we forgive you. But it's time for you to go. Goodbye little Mazda, with your super-glued exterior and wood-pecker trunk sounds. There is a special place reserved for you in the scrap yard.

The O'Brien's

P.S. You have not been "replaced", we just needed a bigger car. Thank you to Big Daddy, for getting Mama a beautiful blue/green Honda Pilot, with all the extra's. And thank you Kohl's, for making this all possible.