Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Woman on the Move

Last Friday night, at the ripe age of 9.5 months, our little gal crawled across the floor for the first time. Yay! This was a HUGE relief! A relief you may ask? Let me explain. Whenever I go out, people always ask me how old Kylie is (I'm sure this is a common question of anyone with kids, but I'm new to having a child, so this line of questioning is new to me). They would then go on to say something like, "Oh, so she's crawling now I'm sure. Is she walking yet?". I would then respond that she isn't crawling yet..blah..blah..blah. So anyway, I wasn't worried, because I knew that our princess would crawl when she was good and ready, and it just wasn't time yet.

Friday Steve went to a conference for work, so he wore this name badge around his neck for the conference, and was wearing it when he got home. This was a colorful badge, and was quite interesting to Kylie, because when Steve got home he laid it on the floor beside him and went to play with Kylie. She took note of it (she loves accessories), and then proceeded to crawl across the floor to it. We moved it, she followed, crawling still. We couldn't believe it. This was not the army crawl either, oh no. On all fours, she made her way to the other side of the room. So she was waiting until she had the crawl perfected before she unveiled her moves. I get it. Anyway, I looked at her going across the floor, and ran into the other room. Steve follows behind. "Are you crying?" he says. OF COURSE I AM CRYING! My baby has just reached a milestone, proving that she is no longer a baby. And yes, I will cry at all of the significant milestones. It's what I do. I love this little gal, she just impresses me all the time.

Last night Steve was away, and Kylie and I were hanging out. It was around 7pm, and I was getting her ready for bed. I took her little outfit off, and was about to put her in her sleeper, and she started hamming it up. She loves playing around in her onesie. So I got out the video camera. The best part of the video is at the end, she crawled for the camera. The video is a little long….

Monday, February 23, 2009

Goodbye Facebook

In my desire to make the most of the time that I spend here at home, I have discovered that there is one thing that I tend to spend a bit of time on, that has little return. Facebook. It's not an intentional time waster, I go on it to see what's going on with my friends, and 30 minutes later I find myself looking at pictures, going from one link to the next, engrossed in someone else's business...Does this define addiction? Maybe...

So to all my Facebook pals, I will miss you. Hopefully we can find other ways to keep in touch. Like this blog, that I need to spend more time on...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! It's a good excuse to tell the one you love sweet nothings, and it's a guaranteed good meal out..perfect!!

This year was a little different than in years past, because this year, we have Kylie; so no more long dinners at very expensive restaurants, eating food we don't know how to pronounce. We're on a budget now, and are lucky enough to have family near, who were kind enough to watch Kylie. We had a gift certificate to PF Changs, which covered the full cost of our lettuce wraps, Changs Spicy Chicken, Orange Peel Beef, and my favorite...The Great Wall of Chocolate dessert. It was sooo nice to be able to have a dinner with Steve, just he and I. Sometimes I forget to savor the moment, so I really tried to do that last night. I did miss our little lady. For a second....okay maybe longer than a second...anyway...

While we were waiting for our appetizer to come, the manager came over and offered to take our picture. This sounded nice right? A picture to take home to remind us of our romantic night out?? He tells me that I have to hold this big red teddy bear, not sure why..Anyway, I was a little wierded out (see picture below..) by the teddy bear, but went along. The picture didn't turn out so bad, and since it was the only picture we took that night, it will have to do..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another First..Courtesy of the Bathing Beauty

Today marks another first for Kylie and I. I hesitate to blog about such topics as the one I am about to write about, but this blog is about my life, and well, I'll just leave it at that.

I decided to give Kylie a bath before we make our Friday trip to Target, which for us, is the highlight of our day. She loves a bath, and would stay in it until the water turns frigid. Today, during her bath, nature called. I notice this, because all of a sudden, I see something little and green, about the size of a pea, float to the surface of the bathwater. She is not at all freaked out by this and reaches to grab it (In my rush to teach her about being a lady, I guess I omitted the "don't poop in the bath lesson"). I realize the second I see it, this is no pea, but a serious #2, and spring into action. I yank her out of that little blue tub, empty all the water out, and get to disinfecting that thing like nobody's business. This is apparently a pretty funny thing to watch, as she laughs at me over and over. Glad that was funny to her, it was pretty gross to me. I'm sure I'll look back on this and laugh. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to tell her, it just isn't polite to do work anywhere outside of the toilet. Enough said...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trip to North Carolina

Last week Kylie and I headed to North Carolina for a few days to visit family. I have a grandfather whose health continues to decline, and I wanted to spend some time with him. I also wanted to have a chance to tell him that I loved him, while he was still alive. (wiping a tear...) So Kylie and I decided to take a direct flight to Charlotte where my parents live, and then drive to Wilmington to see the grandparents.

The weather in North Carolina is always better than the weather in Wisconsin (or at least that's how it feels..). This time, not so much. The first night we were there Kylie woke up at about midnight screaming, and when I went into her bedroom to get her, I see the ground covered in snow. I was in shock. It never snows there. Just my luck... Every day it seemed to warm up a little more, so by the time Saturday rolled around and I was getting on the plane to come back, it was around 55 degrees. Which was the same temperature it was in Milwaukee when I got home.

Kylie and I really enjoyed spending time with family. We miss them so much. Below are a few pictures of the fun:

Kylie and Grampy horsing around. Notice the firm grasp she has on his hair. One of her favorite moves.

Kylie with Grandma Rosie

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve!

Today our proud Papa is 30 years old. He is a little sad about this age, but I tried to tell him that 30 is young...I should know...I thought of writing all of these mushy things that I love about Steve, and how great a husband/friend/Dad he is, but he doesn't really go for things like that. So I will just say this: He is the most compassionate, patient, understanding, forgiving person that I know, and what is even better is that I get to spend eternity with him by my side. My life is blessed because of him. Love you Babe!